IRS Update re: Tax Payment Deadline and Coronavirus

The White House announced the following during yesterday’s press briefing:

“We encourage those Americans who can file their taxes to continue to file their taxes on April 15, because for many Americans, you will get tax refunds and we don’t want you to lose out on those tax refunds. We want you to make sure you get them. Many people do this electronically, which is easy for them and easy for the IRS.

If you owe a payment to the IRS, you can defer up to a million dollars as an individual. And the reason why we’re doing a million dollars is that covers lots of pass-throughs and small businesses, and $10 million to corporations, interest-free and penalty-free for 90 days. All you have to do is file your taxes. You’ll automatically not get charged interest in penalties.

Now, of course, any American has the right to extend their taxes. We’re not taking that right.”

Special Considerations

This does not appear to be an extension for filing, but for paying any tax/penalty due. If you need an actual extension, you can still file that by April 15.

Look for updates to the official IRS website soon.

Check your state tax authority for your state’s position. The American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) has provided a state tax development update list here, but check your local state website or speak with your tax accountant as well.

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