Q4 – A Fresh Start for a Strong Finish

It’s been a bit quiet over here as I’m coming off of two weeks of unplugged time in which I was able to take a full week completely off from work (little bits of behind the scenes work sandwiching that full unplug) and I’m feeling refreshed and ready to push through the end of 2020 strong.  This in itself was a huge accomplishment (will have to post on that later) resulting from me investing time and resources into my business to create systems that allow me to take a true break.  To be fair, it wasn’t actually quiet as I’ve had family here with LOTS of kids in this house so there’s that haha – it was a blast and just what I needed.  

To get back to it, this week’s post coincides perfectly with the end of Q3 and the beginning of Q4.  Why does this matter?  Because it’s a possibility of a fresh start for a strong finish.  Right now, many business owners are still feeling overwhelmed and disheartened as they manage massive change in their business and personal life.  The sense of potential that comes from a temporal landmark may be just what we need to give us the oomph to make progress on that goal or take action on that one thing you keep thinking about, but not doing.  I say ride that potential as far as you can and use it to your advantage!  

A couple of practical tips to make this work for you…

  • Set aside some time over the next few days or this weekend to reflect and plan.  Review your current goals and tasks and create some realistic expectations for the next few months.  Make sure to take the holidays into consideration if you celebrate as you may want to give yourself extra space during that time to rest, recharge, and be present.
  • Make it a date and put it on a calendar (paper or digital) so it’s in front of you day to day and week to week and has time allotted to it.  For this I like to put down everything I know is going to happen to see what space I’m working with, then I can visualize what time I’m working with to achieve my goals and complete tasks and projects.  I especially utilize recurring time slots for certain projects/tasks or I block out specific windows of time for others.  
  • A few key business points to remember for this quarter:
    1. Talk to your staff and customers and ask them for their feedback on their experience with your business this year.
    2. Review what’s working and what’s not with your offers, products, or services.
    3. If you’re launching any special sales or products for the holidays – make that part of your Q4 strategy.  Here’s a great list of pertinent dates.
    4. If you filed an extension for 2019 tax filing, the due date to file is October 15.
    5. Get caught up or stay on top of your bookkeeping as year end is right around the corner.  If you’re up-to-date, end-of-year filing and reporting is going to be so much easier for you. If you need help with this part let’s set up a time to talk it over (you can book your call here). I’m also offering a new online training in early 2021 for those of you who would like support, but aren’t quite ready to jump into a one-on-one relationship yet. I’ll be sharing more about this over the next couple of months – if you want to know more, book a call with me here.

Hope this overview was helpful, leave a comment below with how you are approaching Q4. Would love to hear what you’re up to!

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